Calling all freelancers, aspiring writers, and women with something to say... Hazel + Scout is taking on editorial interns and we want to hear from you!

This internship serves to provide an opportunity to contribute thoughts, think pieces and weekly articles to the Hazel + Scout blog and shadow our workflow. Each intern will work closely with the editor to come up with relevant pieces to be published once a week but is encouraged to submit their own ideas as they relate to fashion, lifestyle, motherhood, feminism, popular culture, wellness, travel, etc.



Internships are open world-wide to thoughtful, commitment-driven individuals with reliable internet access.

Hazel + Scout aims to connect with an audience of all ages, backgrounds and interests so applicants should be diverse with varied passions and opinions.

Each internship will last the duration of a three month period with the option to extend (or join the team) based on performance and brand awareness.

All internships occur voluntarily with no compensation aside from experience, exposure and an online home for the intern's work.

note: Applicants can but are not required to run a blog / website of their own or currently freelance for other publications.

Best of luck!

Contact Us

If interested, please send a note outlining your motivation and a brief summary of what you hope to achieve during your time at Hazel + Scout. A description of skills, previous experience, examples of writing style and/or ideas for future topics (as they relate to the Hazel + Scout brand) are highly encouraged. Simply fill in the form below or contact us at

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