Zulu & Zephyr's Golden Collection


Thanks to Instagram, I've recently fallen down an Australian beach culture rabbit hole and added a bunch of new brands to my list of faves. At the top is Zulu & Zephyr, a boutique lifestyle brand that completely nails that effortless Aussie look with relaxed beachy style. Their line of high quality staples is like the perfect Summer capsule wardrobe with pieces ranging from gauzy culottes to impeccably cut bikinis and I find myself wanting one of everything!

Z&Z's Golden Collection launched last week with a slew of inspiring film images and a ton of new things that I'm already adding to my shopping cart. Since it's just too perfect, I've pulled the following wording from the Zulu & Zephyr site:

"Golden takes us back to the 1970’s, coast side Australia and the simplicity of daily life of this time. A beach shack, two beautiful girls and an old saying ‘the days were slow, but the years went fast’."

Now that's a collection I can get behind! Keep scrolling for the lookbook images (inspired by old family photos from a 'golden moment in time') and a few of my favorite looks...

StyleChelsea Tubbs