Year In Review: 2015

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These days it seems like time passes so quickly and I'm always scrambling to embrace the moment before it's gone. I can barely believe that another year has flown by! 2015 was an incredible journey and I'm so grateful for all of the amazing lessons life has taught me along the way and all of the opportunities that came about. We have truly come so far in such a short time. It was a year of big love, amazing growth and fantastic adventures.

marriage // This will always be the year that Ainsworth and I finally tied the knot! The whole process made the entire year so magical (catch up on our journey via Green Wedding Shoes here). We had something beautiful to look forward to for the better part of 2015 and on September 26th we ventured down the aisle in front of our closest friends and family. I can't tell you how amazing it was to spend twelve months completely wrapped up in our love for each other. Although we'd always been a family, a wedding was the best way for us to make it official and have one hell of a time celebrating! I just can't get over being a wife, having a husband and being bonded as a family forever. It's the best!

As I will continue to post wedding details in the new year, you can see all things #thejacksontribe here.

travel // I was lucky enough to spend the year gallivanting around the US with friends and loved ones. From cruising the Pacific Coast Highway and visiting family in SoCal to strolling the French Quarter, exploring close to home (Nashville, Atlanta, etc.) and breathing in mountain air in Colorado, I fell back in love with travel in 2015. We still haven't taken our honeymoon but Mr. Jackson and I are looking forward to conquering somewhere tropical this year!

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Lorelai // The greatest gift this year (and every year) was being able to spend even more precious time watching Lorelai grow and come into her own magical personality. 2015 was the year she turned four, started school and filled up more space in our hearts than we ever thought possible. Though I shy away from excessive mommy blogging, I am absolutely smitten with her little soul and my entire world revolves around her whims, discoveries and adventures. Who knew my soulmate would come to me in the form of a tiny human with her daddy's eyes and momma's heart?

styling // This year I continued developing a love affair with styling and hope never to look back. Bouts of creativity found me in my darkest hours and happiest days. I met and collaborated with too many talented souls to even note and was afforded the opportunity to work my ass off making beautiful things happen. I helped create magic for some of my favorite brands (Free People, Urban Outfitters, BHLDN, Daughters of Simone, etc.) and with the help of amazing friends, was able to see my work all over the web. In the year ahead I hope to flex a few more styling muscles and continue building a body of work I'm proud of.

finery // In the last couple months of the year I felt something stirring and not long after my whole world shifted. A position at Finery found me just when the energy of 2015 grew stagnant and ushered in a slew of good vibes. The culmination of years of blogging, social media building and interest in the world of weddings came to a head with a new job, a fierce new girl squad and a renewed vigor for the grind. I can current be found buying, managing and marketing Finery Boutique and I love every single second of it. I'm stoked to continue building an empire with Madeline in 2016!

reflecting // As beautiful and life changing as 2015 was, it was also a HARD year filled with growing pains and a lot of self-realization. I learned a ton about myself, what makes me tick, what makes me feel whole, about friendships and about love (of all kinds). I let go of people I was once close to and of ideas that I'd held onto for a long time. I resolved to make changes for the better and disregard the haters. In the last couple of months I turned 25 and found pieces of me that were lost in the shuffle of life. After all is said and done I can say that I am firmly rooted and wholly present for what's to come.

In 2016 I'm looking forward to continuing to zero in on the things that bring me joy/keep me sane, spending more time nurturing my husband and our family and appreciating a whole lotta new vibes. While 2015 was amazing, I am more than ready for a shift in energy! Cheers to the New Year!

p.s. All images have been pulled from my Instagram and some have been provided by incredibly talented photographers I'm lucky to call friends. For credits, please see each individual shot via @hazelandscout

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