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Long time, no blog...

It's been a while since I updated you and I have missed this space like crazy! The past couple of months have been an upheaval (to say the least) and although I'm having a blast, this little blog of mine has surely suffered. The funny thing about being busy is that unlike lulls of the past, I'm crazy inspired and wanting to make so many fun changes for Hazel + Scout. 

The past few months have found us overseas (stay tuned for a write up on our incredible life-changing Moroccan adventure, I promise it's coming!), escaping to the city, transitioning into a summer schedule (enter: late wake-up, a new nanny and juggling a lot of different hats while we try to maintain some kind of routine) and embarking on HUGE projects at Finery.

The latter has been wonderful and energizing, exhausting and all-encompassing, hard and rewarding. Since starting a position as manager, digital marketing master and assistant buyer of our little bridal helm, we've made progress in leaps and bounds. We've overhauled our branding, adopted a new, free-er feel and launched a video/lookbook combo that I'm absolutely obsessed with. It's been quite the undertaking but right up my alley. Big plans are brewing and it's so nice to feel like I'm on the right path again. Le sigh!

Lorelai is turning five this week (we're throwing her first slumber party on Saturday) and I cannot believe we will have a kindergartner in a few short months. How did that happen?!

All in all, I've been feeling a lot like those four pretty shots up top lately... pulled in all directions and shaking it out. I'm excited to get cracking on a LONG list of blog ideas and amp up my presence here. When I boil it all down everything seems simple. I've missed sharing and interacting with you! Thanks for hanging in there through the lulls and spurts of inspiration. Stay tuned, it's all happening...

photos by W+E Photographie for Finery

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