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After taking a huge break from blogging this month, it's definitely time for us to catch up and have a little heart-to-heart. Usually these posts take shape in the form of lists but today I'm expanding on what life has really been like lately...

The month of February brought a lot of changes for me: My sweet and talented younger sister moved in with our little threesome of a family, Sleepy Fox Photography and I decided (after having moved in to the space) that we weren't totally invested into our new studio and I took on a ton of projects but didn't feel as though I was creating enough. I'm feeling excited, apathetic, motivated and sluggish all at once but that's just the way, aint it? I'm also feeling a wave of newness stirring just below the surface of my heart. I'm considering a re-brand and debating the merit of different approaches to things I'm already doing.

Our new apartment may be out of the "living in boxes" phase but we're still not quite settled in. As with any new home, it takes more than a week to really set up shop and feel comfortable. More than anything, I'm wanting to fully settle in, decorate a few random nooks and make this place feel like home. Beautiful vaulted ceilings and a lot more natural light are definitely making it easier to adjust but I need to get my act together and "move in" with my mind.

Can you believe it? It snowed in Alabama the other day! Just when I thought we might finally be done with winter, the skies opened up and poured out little flakes. There's something so magical about watching little swirls of ice fall from the clouds in slow motion and I can't say that I didn't thoroughly enjoy watching Lorelai craft snowballs this weekend. Although being in the freezing temps has saddled me with a nasty cold, those few moments of snow were well worth it!

Here's the thing: it's hard to be in freelance. Sometimes my schedule is filled to the brim with shoots and events, sponsorships and projects and sometimes, it's quiet. Although I have a lot of exciting things in the works (a trip to New Orleans, my first official client wedding, shoots galore) I'm in a season where I'm not really doing anything. Planning is all well and good but my soul longs to create. To shape things with my hands and watch beautiful images come from nothing but a vision.

...that you'll love everything I'm working on. New contributors, moodier imagery, a refreshed name. These are all things that have taken up residence in the forefront of my mind. I'm brewing changed my friends and I hope you're just as pleased with them as I am!

I have been so inspired by the new community of artists that I have been stumbling upon lately. I'm trying my best to reach out and foster new working relationships (which is hard considering I'm a severe introvert) with so many talented people and I'm constantly finding new inspirations. I have been considering organizing some kind of Alabama creatives meet-up and I would love to hear your thoughts. If you're local, would you consider attending? If you're remote, have you ever been involved with something like this?

Well friends, how have you been? My hope for this space is that we'll get to know one another in an authentic way and that blogging might become a little less one-sided. I would love to hear about your goings-on. What have you been feeling, wanting, enjoying, waiting for and hoping lately? No comment is too long and I will do my best to reply to each and every one of you.

photo by wander & whisk via instagram

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