We're Moving! + life updates


That's right, we're moving! Details and plans have been on the back burner for months but I can finally, officially, share that we are packing up and shipping out to a tiny rock in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. You might have noticed the sense of upheaval lately and it's all due to a giant change hanging in the air. Our turnaround time is pretty fast and I'm spinning with tasks to complete before we kiss the ground of the USA goodbye towards the middle of May. Boxes are strewn about, passports have been freshly renewed (not my most flattering photo...) and I'm constantly dreaming of Island life. Needless to say, this is an adventure we're unbelievably excited about.

With a lot of luck and (hopefully) a strong internet connection, I have plans to keep this space up and running. There's no telling the ways it will change and evolve but, as always, I am hopeful and excited for the journey. Expect more of the same with little island flair thrown in for good measure. In an effort to keep family and friends updated and apprised of tropical goings-on, I've added yet another site to my repertoire. Less of a blog and more of an unedited, un-curated, intimate newsletter and look into every day life on Kwajalein. You can find that here. I'll be maintaining that site as a way to clue in our families back home but feel free to follow along if you're curious about the transition. 

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