Weekly Favorites no. 20

This week is looking shiny and new (finally) and I'm excited to take it all on head-first! Things are still a little hectic on my end (everything is in boxes, I'm psyching myself up for a major rental home paint job, planning something incredible and trekking to and from pure barre) but browsing my favorite e-tailers with a cup of coffee in hand has provided a little solace during the quiet morning hours. As I'm sure you know by now, my wishlist is constantly changing but stays pretty consistent where color and style are concerned. It's fun to discover your personal style and I think I've finally done that after years of hopping all over the place and trying trends.

What's on your wishlist this week?

p.s. There should be some fun content coming to Hazel + Scout soon! I'm trying my best to carve out time dedicated to wordier posts and return to outfit shooting this year but thank you for hanging in there with me as I figure out a new balance. It's been an interesting experiment switching from full-time blogging to part-time but I feel as though I'll start hitting a stride soon.

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