Weekly Favorites 06

tassel toss pillow, canvas tote, highboy, shirttail sweater, clean scent candle, chair,

These weekly favorites are coming in a bit late today, hope you don't mind! A revelation hit me this week... the more I blog and am given amazing opportunities and projects to work on, the less time I actually have to prepare posts for this corner of the web. As I work on balance and time management I would love to hear your advice for fitting it all in!

At this point I have almost completely written off sunshine & hot weather. With pumpkin spice lattes finally making their comeback I'm ready to crunch a few leaves and layer up a little. Too soon? I foresee quite a few trips to the farmer's market (it's been too muggy to linger outside too much this summer) and that canvas tote would be just perfect for hauling around our fall goodies. Along with some house accents (what's a roundup without a few pieces of furniture?), a too cool for back-to-school sweater and a fresh new way to wear bobby pins, this list of favorites is ready for the change of seasons. Are you?

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