Weekly Favorites 05: Coats

long coat, poncho coat, belted coat, coat with leather piping, cape

It's almost time to break out the winter coats (isn't time seriously airborne these days?!) and I'm thinking I might just need something new. While my trusty anorak has seen me through chilly spells (I wore it during our entire visit to Japan and it served me quite well) and my trench definitely has its merits, I'm thinking something a little more wooly should soon make a little home in my closet (and on my body). If I've said it once I've said it a million times, Zara is killing it this season! They're always one of my first stops for outerwear that's affordable yet durable. I could definitely get behind any one of the options above.

other styles I'm loving

free people



So, what does your ideal winter coat look like? Do you love the version you have now or will you (like me) be upgrading this year?

Chelsea Tubbs