Weekend Words


"The quieter you are the more you can hear" ... I wonder if that goes for inspiration as well.

Lately, with Spring's arrival (even though we're back to yo-yo weather), I've really been feeling the need to refresh and simplify. Sometimes everything seems to happen all at once and it's important to sit down, take a look at things and purge what you don't need in your life... whether that be clutter in your home, clutter in your mind, friends, wardrobe pieces (another post for another time), your blog, you name it.

I've been equal parts excited to change and unmotivated to put in the work that it requires for a couple of months now. I'm constantly going back and forth being guilty that I'm not doing more and guilty that I'm putting too much pressure on everything. No doubt the weather (are you sick of hearing about the weather yet?) is playing a big role in my desire to hide under my covers and let it all pass. This installment of weekend words is my little note to self. Self, you need a refresh and it's really really time to make it happen!

Lo and I are heading to D.C. next weekend (I'm beyond excited) and though I've been driving myself crazy trying to create content for those days, I think it may be prudent to take a little breather. Nothing inspires creativity quite like stepping away and really living! A few of my favorites will be guest posting while I'm gone but I'm going to try (I'm so terrible at taking time off!) to keep the checking in and stressing out to a minimum. I've got plans to really dig into on a fun project that's in the works and soak up the time with my family.

On another note, I've had such a hard time connecting with friends lately (let's be honest... since high school really. How does everyone manage to make friends as an adult?). We're in a new town and I've decided to make a sincere effort to build a community. This week I have a coffee date with a few fun girls and a brainstorming session for an amazing/fun/exciting new undertaking. I'll also be visiting Natalie while I'm on vacation! If you're in the D.C. area (or sweet home Alabama), please don't hesitate to reach out... I live for a good brunch/chat.

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