Weekend Wishlist


Because my husband is away on another island for work, this week has been a little slower than most. I blame the extra downtime for all of the hours I've spent browsing my list of must-read blogs and favorite online shops, dreaming of all the pretty Fall things I'd scoop up if the weather here would ever get cooler (hint: it won't). I've rounded up a few of the best new arrivals from my favorite places to online window shop. What's on your wishlist this weekend?

free people

urban outfitters



I was scrolling through Ashley from Brunch on Chestnut's blog when I discovered that Shopbop is looking all shiny and new lately. Maybe it's in honor of the shift of seasons but it's a change I can totally get behind! There's just something about a site's styling that plays a big role in whether or not the pieces catch my eye and Shopbop is totally nailing it.

StyleChelsea Tubbs