Weekend Essentials

Even though I don't have a traditional 9 to 5 (there's no rest for the wicked aka stay at home mommy/blogger), I love my weekends! Saturday and Sunday are the days that I get to try to take a breather, indulge in a few fun activities and wrap my head around what's in store for the coming week. This weekend we browsed our local book store (I finally picked up Emily Schuman's book Cupcakes & Cashmere based on one of my favorite blogs!), had a delicious dinner out and still have a local art festival to attend. My weekend uniform is pretty low key (read t-shirt and jeans) with a stylish twist. I love to accessorize with bright shoes and a few fun jewels. A bold lip always helps to dress up messy weekend hair and makes for a good excuse to get a few kisses in, whether they're from Mr. Jackson or Lo!

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