Wedding Week!

I'm kicking off Hi-Fi Fest (click here for more details) and my own September 2015 wedding plans with a full week of nuptials! When Mr. Jackson and I got engaged in October, I immediately began squirreling away inspiration (check out my pinterest board for all of my favorite images) and whipping up moodboards to get myself organized and in the zone to start planning. We've finally landed on a general theme (and date!) for our big day and it was inspired by all of the beautiful greenery and simple details above. Since we've decided to celebrate our marriage at the Hardy Chambers Farmhouse in Tennessee, I'm excited to include a few intentional and organic touches.

This week I'll be busy prepping my booth and the fashion show for Hi-Fi Weddings Fest at Lowe Mill but I'm making it a point to share a few more bridal posts. Stay tuned for the most incredible editorial tomorrow!