Wedding Registry 101

As you know, I'm currently knee-deep in bridal duties for our upcoming September nuptials. Along with formal invitations, vintage stamps and bachelorette luncheons (I can't wait to share that last one with you!), we recently crossed registering for gifts off of our wedding to-do list.  Registering can be pretty daunting but if you let it, combing through your favorite sites and dreaming of sharing a home with your future Mr. or Mrs. is a blast!

Keep reading for my tips on furnishing your newlywed abode and to shop a few things straight off our registry:

1. Cherish presence over presents -  We're so happy to see so many of our friends and loved ones in the same place that anything extra is just that... extra. Your guests are going out of their way to attend your special day so take gifts with a grain of sand and treasure their love and support instead!

2. Know your style - As with most weddings tasks, knowing your personal AND couple style really makes a difference when choosing the things that will come together to make up your home.

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3. Take stock of what you have - We've been lucky enough to build a life and home together over the last seven years so we're not in need of too many big items. Registering for little tokens from our loved ones is giving us a chance to update a few of our college purchases with heirloom pieces.

4. Mix it up - Too many of one type of present makes it difficult for guests to gift you something from the heart. Register for a variety of gifts and a few big ticket items (attendees can go in together!) so everyone has options.

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Remember the important things! A wedding is about a marriage, not cake, presents or beautiful dresses (although... those things are fun too). Approach registering with a light heart and both eyes on the future. When in doubt, I recommend good vibes and gold flatware to everyone!