Water For Elephants

on me: top: forever 21 | shorts: forever 21 | heels: target (similar) | bag: zara (similar) | sunnies: unknown (similar) | necklace: forever 21 (love this one) | bracelets: j crew, forever 21 (similar)

on lorelai: dress: juicy couture (similar) | necklace: kidrobot | shoes: zara kids

Yesterday we went to the circus for the second time this year (and it's only March)! We had a blast watching the elephants (my fave!), tight-rope walkers and lion tamers. It was the hottest day of the year, by far, and I basically melted waiting in line for tickets/snapping these photos. Never one to turn down a theme, I dressed for the event in full elephant regalia (complete with the subtle elephant print on my blouse and tusk accessories). It's so fun to be able to share things like the circus with Lorelai. Watching her awestruck face as the acrobats did their flips and tricks was the very best part of my day!

Sidenote: I steamed this shirt before I left the house, I swear. Whenever I ride in Mr. Jackson's car I immediately wrinkle and collect static cling.