Visual Moodboard 2018

Hello there! Long time, no see. We're finally back from an amazing vacation and I've been spending the last couple of days feeling out the new year and finding my footing in 2018. The five weeks we spent away were magical and jam-packed with excitement (more on that trip another day... I'm still wrapping my head around everything we experienced). I found new parts of myself while we were away and I'm feeling more inspired than I have in a long time. I think a little bit of distance was exactly what I needed to revisit this space with fresh eyes!

This year I wanted my inspirations to be something other than static. While I love Pinterest and creating monthly moodboards, I wanted to set the tone for the year in a way that moves and breathes, that I can look back on all year long when I'm losing that illusive creative feeling. Last year Rachel Nguyen, one of my favorite Youtubers and an all around fantastic source of inspiration, created a visual moodboard to mark the transition and I've been longing to make my own ever since.

I hope you enjoy being as close as you'll get to inside my head. xx