Let's Talk About Racism + 8 Ways To Help After Charlottesville


To say it's been a hard week for the world would be a massive, misleading understatement. I've been going back and forth with myself for days about whether or not to say anything here about the tragedy in Charlottesville or what I might say when I did finally decide to speak out. In the past I've penned a pretty laid-back blog with a lot of focus on frivolity and minimal polarizing content but this year things have changed... I've started delving into weightier topics. I've written about things like the grief of losing my mother and my struggles with body image. I've realized, now more than ever, that I have a responsibility to this space to take big stands and create a platform on which the hard discussions can happen.

This week, the violent actions of white supremacists, neo-Nazis and white nationalists at the Unite the Right rally and the disappointing reaction of our American President have left me completely stunned. I'm bowled over. It's absolutely preposterous to me that I even have to make a declaration like this but here it goes: White supremacy and racism have no place here. They will not be tolerated and they are basely immoral, disgusting and completely unfounded. If you don't like that, you can leave. You see, now is the time to be mad. To be enraged. To make bold declarations and to follow through.

How do we live in a country where ACTUAL Nazis and Klansmen are allowed to demonstrate their particular brand of hate IN 2017 and cause the violence that resulted in the death of Heather Heyer? How have we allowed men like Deandre Harris to be beaten in the streets? How has our president NOT gone out of his way to publicly state that this is inequitably wrong? I realize racism is an omnipresent part of our history but I'm devastated that we've made it to this point. If you're being oppressed, please know that I stand with you. Please know that this is a space where Black Lives Matter and racism will not be condoned.

In the months since Trump's term began I've had a lot of difficult conversations with different people. I've tried to convince relatives, people I see casually around town and complete strangers that there is no other appropriate side of history to be on than the side of equality. While I've always been privy to racism, the rapid integration of social media has exploded my bubble from the inside and opened my eyes to just how great the divide is. Now more than ever we're acutely aware of our neighbors inner most thoughts and it really sheds a light on the twisted ideology that has been lying beneath the surface all along. I'm hoping that we can all realize just how wrong supremacy is and use this as an opportunity to unite against evil together.

I want to start a conversation because I am truly interested in what you have to say. How are you feeling about everything happening in the world right now? Where do you think we go from here? How can we help / change this? I think we start here:

1. Understand what's happening and how we got here. We watched this video right after the rally and I could hardly hold it together.

2. Educate yourself with articles like this and this one and information about the African American Civil Rights movement.

3. Register to vote and use your voice to enact change. Call your representatives and be a champion of your values.

4. Attend rallies and events near you to stand in solidarity with Charlottesville.

5. Donate to the United Charlottesville Victim Relief fund.

6. Talk to your relatives and neighbors, especially if they're part of the problem.

7. Support minority owned businesses.

8. Raise racially conscious children.