Un, Deux, Trois... Plié

Ballet has always been a major source of fashion eye candy for me, with it's sexy light layers and a strictly neutral color palette to pull from. It's an amazing source of inspiration and all that is needed for you to twirl your way into the fashion spotlight is some ballerina attitude, a perfect top knot and a stunning Russian pas de deux partner.

  1. L'Agence Ballerina Wrap Sweater
  2. Topshop Black V Mesh Bodysuit
  3. Rare Opulence Lace Ballerina Dress
  4. Topshop Coloured Ponte Leggings
  5. Chloe Metallic Textured-Leather Ballet Flats
  6. Flexees Easy Up Control Bodysuit
  7. Mark Fast Cropped Ballet-Style Top

images via Pinterest

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