Ember Sessions: My Experience

On Monday I finally shared an exciting new venture that has been in the works lately... Ember Sessions! I've teamed up with the sweetest friend to have stumbled into my life in a long time, Meghan Newsom, to bring you intimate portrait sessions with a unique mission. So often we think of boudoir as something to do as a gift for our partners (and that's great) but it's our hope that you'll take part in an Ember Session as a gift to your own soul. Women of all shapes, sizes, ages and life paths deserve to feel beautiful, appreciated and cherished. Mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, grandmothers and everyone else should experience this kind of life-giving, encouraging and special celebration of beauty no matter their season of life.

I have seen my body (and spirit) change in all kinds of ways over the past couple of years. I have grown older, wiser and softer around the middle from bringing a new life into the world. I have collected both scars and perspective from loss, growth, happiness and hardship. I have watched myself change from a girl into a woman and it has been a beautiful journey. I am so in awe of the things my body has done from me (like creating my sweet Lorelai, showing my wonderful fiance love, carrying me from Paris to Tokyo and everywhere in between...) and I think it's so important to capture this feeling.

Before making it my personal mission to help you capture your beauty, I decided to step in front of the camera (and into this Free People romper) and capture my own. I reconciled all of the insecurities and doubts we as women so often battle and dove right in. The entire process was peaceful and so much less scary than I imagined. I walked away feeling empowered and accepted for every last scar, beauty mark and freckle.

When Meghan dreamed up Ember Sessions it's like she had me in mind. I have long felt a pull in my heart to help women celebrate their bodies and spirits but didn't know how to turn it into a reality. I am so unbelievably happy that this wonderful project has fallen into my lap and I cannot wait to meet and learn about incredible women!

We are kicking off with an Ember marathon in Huntsville, Alabama on April 19th. To book your own session, please click here.

We would love for you to follow our journey and the beautiful women we encounter @embersession 

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Chelsea Tubbs