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It may not be Friday but it's been far too long since I checked in! Things are all over the place in every corner of my life and I'll be the first one to admit to a little bit of slacking.

I'm sure you're experiencing it too but ever since the election nothing feels quite right. Although I'm still in love with this space and sharing brings me so much joy, blogging just feels trivial with so much going on in the world. I'm not as pulled to put together frivolous roundups as I was before everything turned upside down (even though I'm sure a little bright spot of frivolity is probably a welcomed break). I was going to take this moment to apologize and urge you to bear with me as I fall back in love with blogging but I realized that I don't have to do that. I'm so grateful for those of you who continue to read along as I explore slow blogging and share only what is truly moving or inspiring me.

Aside from the extreme case of writers block, some big things are in the works. We've been living in the South for a while and it's finally time for a change of scenery. We're sill waiting for all of the details be finalized but we're making a big move that will have us living in a place way closer to the beach. Needless to say, I've been busy mood-boarding and planning for all things cool, coastal and relaxed. I'm beyond excited for the shake up and I'm feeling a little checked out from our current city. As always, I will update this space with information as soon as it comes in and we have a plan. Stay tuned... a saying I hate but seem to write all the time.

Recently you might have noticed a little Hazel + Scout facelift. I've made small changes to the site in an effort to streamline and keep things fresh. The about page has undergone a spruce, I've done away with the sidebar (bye bye clutter and ads!), my portfolio has been updated with photography and branding projects and there are new things I'm obsessed with in the shop.

I've also taken on something new with Ritual Bride. It's no secret that I have loved the wedding industry since well before our wedding. I spent the past year developing a local bridal boutique and managing their social media and web and assisting with buying. Since stepping down from that position in November I've been missing that world something fierce. I have some pretty lofty dreams about getting back into weddings but for now I decided to start Ritual Bride, a new resource in the wedding media landscape created to share beautiful inspiration with unconventional brides. I've been maintaining a living mood-board with a dedicated Instagram feed and am starting to take submissions of beautiful real ceremonies and stunning editorials. Hopefully this new venture will help feed my passion for weddings and you might pay me a visit there sometime.

If you've made it this far in the post you're probably after my favorite links of late. I've been squirreling away inspiring articles and favorite reads and have a ton to share:

at home with Sophie Carpenter (inspiration for our new space!)
Erin Wasson's take on tomboy beauty
an insightful and necessary conversation about priorities on Wit + Delight
a peek inside the life of one of my favorite muses, Hannah Henderson
Ashley Kane's gorgeous San Fran home tour via The Glitter Guide
Valentino's Dark Magic
a cool midcentury modern space in Newport Beach
& Mother's interview with Monica Paolini

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