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I've never been much for manicures for several reasons; First, whenever I pick a fun color it never matches everything in my wardrobe. Second, long nails aren't very practical for a mommy or for someone who uses their laptop as frequently as I do and lastly, I can never justify spending so much on something that will inevitably chip or grow out. (Don't even get me started on my hatred for pedicures. I don't want a stranger touching my toes, eek!) However, I'm very excited to see creative, neutral at-home manis making their rounds on the web. I'm beyond inspired to recreate some of these looks on my own talons this season! Look out for a tutorial or two.

Here are the items on my shopping list:

  • neutral polishes (nude, white, black, metallics)
  • nail art pens
  • fun polish (shatter, glitter)
  • studs, sequins, etc. from the craft store
  • nail glue

 images via tumblr

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