Travel Inspiration: Thailand


Two weeks! Our trip is now officially two weeks away and as far as I'm concerned, it's crunch time. Our bags are awaiting their filling fate, my mind is pretty permanently on a Thai beach somewhere and my Google Doc is looking rather official (if I do say so myself). Since I shared our plans for a two week stint in Japan (here), I thought I'd also let you know what we're hoping to see in Thailand. Where the Japan leg of our vacation is fast-paced and packed with a ton of sites, Thailand should be a little more relaxed with a few more adventures. Here's what's on my must-do list:

spend eight nights in bangkok
rent scooters and explore the city
float along and shop the floating market
get up close and personal with a tiger (cruelty free)
see as many buddhist temples as possible
get a sacred tattoo done by a monk
spend christmas and new years in paradise
venture to phuket
visit monkey (phi phi) island and the 007 island
spend two days and a full night with elephants
walk through the rice paddies
shop the night bazaar in chiang mai
massages every day
meet the long-neck karen tribe
relax on the beach

What does our trip mean for the blog? I'll be putting out my holiday content over the next couple of weeks and taking our vacation time off from content creation. It'll be such a welcomed break but I promise to come back with a ton to share. If you're interested in keeping up with me in real time, you can always follow along on Instagram for more frequent posts. Until then, stay tuned for a lot more gift guides, a few more personal posts and my December mood board + soundtrack. There's plenty left to come in 2017!

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