Travel Inspiration: Japan


With our big trip less than a month away (get ready for a ton of travel posts!) I've been pretty busy squirreling away inspiring images and dream destinations for both Japan and Thailand. Since you guys are a well of knowledge, I thought it might be fun to share what I've figured out so far in the hopes that you have some even cooler recommendations or maybe you'll take a similar trip in the future and can use my notes.

We're splitting five weeks evenly between Japan and Thailand and I'm equally excited for both! Although I've been to Tokyo once before, we're doing a ton of things for the first time and there are a few things I'd love to see again. So far I'm mostly excited for a change of weather (and hopefully even some snow), a lot of walking and a lot of tasty treats. Here's what our must-do list looks like so far:

spend seven nights in tokyo
explore harajuku (for some great people watching), shinjuku & shibuya
wander along piss alley (despite the sketchy name) and stop into a few dive bars
wake up early and take in the tsukiji fish market
indulge in some delicious ramen and possibly brave the world of sushi
find a vintage film camera and a beautiful kimono to take home
treat lorelai to an all-you-can-snap photobooth day
take the scenic train to kyoto and stay for three nights
search the streets for a geisha
walk through the fushini inari temple (famous red gates)
go to monkey park
try as many cute coffee shops as I can find
watch my husband light up in his hometown
take a ton of video footage and photos to share

I think it goes without saying that I can hardly contain myself. I've already started making a packing list and am finding it super challenging to remember what cold-weather dressing is like since I've only work flip flops for the past six months. I'm excited to do a little shopping and ultimately just experience something new. Ainsworth and I were joking yesterday that it feels like we haven't left our neighborhood in months... that's what tiny island living will do to you.

So... have any great recommendations? I would LOVE to hear them! A lovely instagram / real-life friend already filled me in on the most amazing sounding bar where the owner DJs from his extensive record collection... that's also on the list.

TravelChelsea Tubbs