Top 5 Skincare Essentials

With the stress of planning a wedding and the change of seasons in the air, comes the need to switch up my skincare routine. In order to be proactive (no pun intended) I've introduced a new gadget (the Spin For Perfect Skin) and stuck by a few favorite products.

I have pretty sensitive skin and over the past year I've made an effort to trade out my harsher products for their natural counterparts. Though I may get a blemish or two, here's what I use to keep things clear:

Sage & Rose Facial Mist // Whenever my face is feeling a little lackluster (I'm looking at you 3PM caffeine crash) this mist by Fat & The Moon is perfect for reviving dull skin. Rose extract not only smells great but is perfect for fighting any pore clogging bacteria you've picked up during the day.

Herbal Blemish Stick // I don't know about you but I'm head over heels for the tingly sensation of tea tree oil! This spot stopping oil (a mixture of tea tree, willow bark and juniper), does a great job of keeping blemishes and acne at bay. I've found that my skin loves Burt's Bees products and most of my medicine cabinet/shower shelves include products from the granola-y brand.

Spin For Perfect Skin // Until recently I wasn't exfoliating... gasp! I noticed my face had become a little less bright than I like (don't we all want bright, young-looking skin?!) and was overjoyed when Vanity Planet sent me the Spin For Perfect Skin to try. This little gadget has changed my entire skincare regimen! I wash with the face brush each morning and have started using the attachment for body a few times per week. As someone with super sensitive legs (shaving bumps and irritation due to laundry detergent are a frequent occurrence), I can't tell you what a huge help it's been. The amazing part? Vanity Planet has given me a coupon code (HAZELANDSCOUT) to share with you! You can pick up your very own skin + body brush for 70% off (just $30 at checkout!).

Fresh Pharmacy Cleanser // LUSH is one of my favorite organic, fair-trade companies. With all kinds of amazing smelling soaps with great ingredients, I always find myself trying something new. This facial bar is a mixture of calming calamine, camomile, lavender, rose and tea tree (sensing a theme?).

Lavender Essential Oil // We use this miracle worker on everything! Lavender essential oil is amazing for treating blemishes, unwinding after a long day and even treating mosquito bites. Learn more about incorporating this oil into your routine here.

p.s. Skincare is such a personal thing and what works for my skin-type may not be right for everyone.

p.p.s. The Spin For Perfect Skin was gifted to me by Vanity Planet, however, all opinions and words are my own. It is my policy to only select goods and companies that I truly believe in and wish to share with you. Thank you for supporting the brands that make Hazel + Scout possible.