The Truth

the-truthSomething dawned on me toward the end of 2013 and, though I've been hinting a little here and there, I hadn't actually decided whether I wanted to blog through the process or wait for the big reveal to say, "Surprise, look what I did!"... until now. I took a little time to think things though and after hitting a big brick wall during the beginning stages (I'm still there, thick in the dreaming/planning process) I realized that a little accountability and a few friendly faces may just be the kick I need to get things going. I love this little blog of mine! It's such a fun space for me to work on everyday and I think it's growing in such an organic and meaningful way. Instead of collecting a huge number of readers that I have no connection to, I'm making lasting friendships with some truly talented creators. It's taboo to talk about in our little world of blogging but I feel like I can do more, be more. How great would it be to turn this labor of love into something that I can do long term?

Recently all of these random interests I've been exploring for so long (design, art, lettering, paper, product curating...) just came together in an a-ha moment and it struck me. Why not open a little shop? I have this love for beautiful things, a background in retail and the desire to share those things with the people that I adore. At this point it's mostly a dream but I've got to start somewhere and sharing the idea just might be that first step!

Most of my 101 in 1001 goals were secretly geared toward the venture (calligraphy lessons to explore the possibility of creating my own art prints, getting through the business-y elements of opening a shop like applying for licenses, etc) and I'm hoping that working through them will help me figure things out a little more. I would love for it to be a space that includes a mixture of original work and things from brands that have my personal seal of approval but I'm open to anything at this point. I'm just excited to see where the process takes me!

I would love your input! What do you think about this goal of mine (I almost called it a "little" dream but it's anything but)? Have you done something similar? Do you have any advice?

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