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It's been feeling like summer for months in the South (95 degree days are no joke and we've found ourselves lounging by the pool on many occasions) but it's finally official! Since the change of seasons is a perfect time for switching things up and ushering in tweaks to your routine, I've rounded up my inspiration for the next couple of months...

wear // Summer is definitely the time to break out any un-fussy pieces from your wardrobe. Although layering and accessories are fun, I like to leave them for cooler days (like fall and winter!). As the temperatures climb into the 90s, throw on your favorite worn denim and a simple silk cami... that's the recipe for my Summer uniform.

make // I've been dying to try this simple solution for spicing up refreshing drinks. How good does rosemary lemonade sound?!

eat // Summer always makes me crave light dishes made from fresh ingredients. Farmer's market trips have a special place in my heart and I'll be nibbling on ripe fruit & veggies all season long.

kick back // During the rest of the year, when things are hectic and school/work routines get the best of us, it can be hard to enjoy a little rest. Somehow, when the fireflies venture out and the thunderstorms begin, it gets a little easier to unplug and relax. This season I'm taking time to revel in meaningful quiet moments.

open the windows // The amount of natural light and fresh air present in our space have such a huge influence on my mood. I'm taking this opportunity to leave all of the windows open and air it out!

find your center // With all of the relaxation and fresh air, now is a perfect time to turn inwards and re-center yourself for the rest of the year. I've been thinking a lot about my New Year's resolutions (remember those?!) and trying to devise a plan to accomplish them with new fervor.

slow down // The kids are home! Take this opportunity to spend time watching them blossom and get those snuggles in before school starts.

find adventure // Summer was made for adventuring. This season I'm finding time to escape the mundane by getting out in nature, going on hikes and discovering swimming holes.

refresh //  Our space is always in need of a little fine-tuning but I especially feel an urge to spruce things up in the warmer months. Right now I'm craving as many plants as I can get my hands on to adorn our windowsills.

Above all, enjoy the season!

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