The Summer Edit

Summer is officially here (even though we've been feeling the heat for ages...) and I'm hoping to make the most of it. With a little help from this Summer edit, we can conquer the season and soak up the sun before Autumn comes to call.


wear// Summer is a time for little thought and maximum utility. I'm forgetting the fussier pieces in my wardrobe and creating a Summer "uniform" of maxi dresses (this one is at the top of my list), distressed shorts and totes roomy enough to stash our farmer's market goodies.

make // I've been itching to finally start crafting a few things for our home and really get to work on some watercolor prints for my shop (that will open soon enough, I promise!). Summer days, that are just too warm to venture out, are perfect for creating beautiful things inside.

eat // There's something about the heat that makes it impossible to enjoy heavy meals. Once the temperature starts to rise I crave light dishes like salad, light Summer pasta and tons of fruit. Pineapple (aside from being a serious style trend right now) is always my go-to for breakfast (with granola and Greek yogurt), lunch and dinner (in a stir fry).

visit // Summer was made for adventure! We've got all sorts of trips (the zoo, the beach, a few museums and nearby cities...) planned for the next few months.

freshen up // I've caught the re-arranging bug. When the seasons change I always start wanting to switch things up in our home. Since Summer is all about light and airy shades, I'm craving more white in our little place. Hopefully I'll be able to convince Mr. Jackson to freshen up our bedding.

images via pinterest & tumblr