The Spring Clean

[show_ms_widget id="58068" image_id="90552" width="700" height="1780"] When it comes to Spring cleaning I'm a little bit of a slacker. I always go into the endeavor with good intentions (dust the ceiling fan blades, tidy the laundry room, reorganize my closet...) and always fall short which leaves me both down on myself and in need of some serious sangria. The trick, I've learned over the course of a few failed attempts at domestic perfection, is to break it up into manageable tasks. This year I created a comprehensive checklist and am spreading it out over the course of about a week (i.e. the kitchen on Monday, the office on Tuesday...). Hopefully this way there will be a) a few less tears b) an actual clean house when all is said and done and c) still a little sangria when it's all over because I mean...

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spring-clean-checklist-1 spring-clean-checklist-2