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We're smack dab in the middle of my favorite time of year on the blog (and in real life). Prepare for things to get pretty festive up in here! While I gear up for Thanksgiving (we already celebrated the first "friendsgiving" out of three) and Christmas (hopefully a quiet celebration at home is on the agenda), I wanted to kick off the season of gift guides and party outfits with a little bit of intention.


wear // Frost may not be the most fun part of November & December but over-sized kits, cozy coats and hats in all shapes and sizes (my newest obsession) make holiday dressing my favorite. Bring on the layers!

make // I've be seeing organic looking holiday wreaths everywhere this year and I love the touch of festivity they add to any space. These beauties are able to remain timeless and expertly avoid the overly tacky tinsel that usually comes along with this time of year. A homemade version would be beautiful with some seeded eucalyptus.

eat // Last night Lo & I partied hard with our friends (Mr. Jackson had to work late...) and I have to say, Friendsgiving is definitely the way to go! Usually Thanksgiving is surrounded by stress, bickering family and the need to outdo each other around the table but a potluck style meal with our new crew completely restored my love of the holiday. I vote every holiday meal (and coffee break) be spent with friends.

rest // Even though my calendar is packed with fun shoots, creative projects and holiday prep, I'm making a conscious effort to prioritize rest this season. Lots of sleep would be such a nice treat (I'll let you know if I actually manage to get any winks in) and some time spent daydreaming and curating inspiration are necessities if I'm going to keep sane until 2015.

love // There's something about the cold that makes love that much sweeter. Fresh off of our engagement, I've never felt closer to Mr. Jackson. I can't wait to enjoy all of the extra cuddling these next few months! We haven't yet started planning the big day but rest assured that I'll be sharing all of the fun details along the way.

REMEMBER: The holidays are about magic, fun and love! As difficult as it can be to stay in the moment (without getting wrapped up... HA... in presents, holiday parties and obligations), it's important to soak up all of the joy.

p.s. If you're struggling I suggest checking out my tips for surviving the holidays here.

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