The Great Tote Debate

Well, friends, I've extended my trip for another week and it may or may not be solely to stare at my sister's new Madewell bag for another 7 days...

I was always a clothes-horse and not an accessories girl. Never one to worship purses, I have been meaning to upgrade my well-loved (read: completely destroyed) Zara tote for some time. After spending time with my sister in Northern Virginia, whose Transport rarely leaves her side, I'm convinced the time to upgrade is now.

I'm constantly throwing mommy supplies, work materials and daily essentials into my handbag (once I even toted around a pair of golden scissors for a whole month) and need something that can stand up to a little wear and tear. Tack on a desire for the perfect shade of cognac brown and a weightiness that hints to a long life and you've got a tall order to fill!

So, which style would you choose?

Chelsea Tubbs