The Golden Hour

on me: floral tee: forever 21 (similar) | seersucker shorts: forever 21 | glitter loafers: target (similar) | bracelet: bauble bar c/o | bag: louis vuitton

on lorelai: shirt: gap kids | shorts: gap kids | sandals: old navy

Sorry for the lack of detail shots in this post, my camera decided that dying half-way through this little shoot was for the best...

The golden hour (or magic hour as it's known in Hollywood) is the hour before sunset when the light is perfect and the world seems golden. It's also the only time of daylight here in Florida that you can go outside without melting. 

I've been on the lookout for the perfect pair of seersucker shorts for a while. Since Lorelai has school right across the street from the mall we frequently make pit-stops on the way home and I may or may not end up buying something from Forever 21 each time (oops!). These shorts found their way into my hands moments before telling the dressing room attendant, "I have six... Oooh, make that seven." A little tip from me to you? Forever 21 is terribly disorganized and not merchandised well. Some of my favorite pieces have come from the "go backs" or racks of clothes that people have tried on but didn't work. Try shopping those racks for pieces that other people liked enough to try on but didn't pick up! This tip brought to you by the letter 'S' (for shopping + seersucker, duh!).

p.s. How cute is that excited baby face?! Sorry kid, you inherited Momma's ears.

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