The Apartment by The Line


“Contemplate a future of objects that inspire and refine you.”

Imagine this: a unique shopping experience set among the most beautifully curated and designed spaces in two of your favorite cities. Two unique retail destinations wherein natural light is abundant, no spree is hurried and every single detail from furniture to the beauty potions adorning each vanity are for sale. This is the premise of my newest obsession, The Apartment by The Line. Each location is meant to feel like you're shopping your coolest girlfriend's closet as pieces 'gain meaning and relevance through context'. I can't get enough of the perfectly edited and storied pieces found within these walls!

"What new meanings and functions do quintessential objects take on in an intimate domestic setting?
How do storied objects relate to one another? What do they say about their owner?


Los Angeles


New York

images via The Line and CITNB

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