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Blog 101: 5 Reasons to Start a Blog

blog-101-logo After a lot of deliberation and several emails asking for insight into penning a successful blog, I've put together "Blog 101: tips for successful and intentional blogging". My hope is that, over time, we'll conquer the business of blogging together with gusto! Whether you're a brand new blogger or you've been posting regularly for years, I've got you covered with tricks of the trade and a few lessons learned from my tenure here at Chelsea & The City.

The first step to blogging successfully is gathering up your fabulous ideas (I know you've got 'em, you clever thing you) and starting a blog! Here are the top 5 reasons you should create your own site:


1. you have something unique to share - Blogs are a great way to let everyone else in on your fabulous ideas! The secret (that we all discover over time) is staying true to your unique vision and sharing things that only you could have dreamed up. There is only one you and odds are somebody is going to love what you have to say.

2. to showcase your skills - Maybe you're a wonderful photographer (I'm jealous!) or have a knack for curating the latest + greatest styles. Maybe you've got mad Photoshop skills or are a spectacular illustrator... Whatever it is, the world deserves the chance to see what you can do! Starting a blog is an excellent way to share what you're good at all while nurturing those same talents.

3. to create a community - I have made some of the most wonderful friends through this little corner of the internet. Blogging brings people who share your interests right to you and gives you the opportunity to connect. Through social media + blogging, I've been able to build such a wonderful group of inspiring women that cheer me on and share in my love for all things shiny... score!

4. to inspire others - Got a killer recipe that would do someone a world of good? Have an insight into dealing with a sticky situation that might make it easier for the next girl? Blogs are the first place I look for inspiration and I can't tell you how many new ideas I've discovered reading my favorites.

5. to find your own voice - Before I started blogging I lacked purpose. I didn't know what my unique aesthetic was and didn't get to explore my passions everyday. Since starting Chelsea & The City, I've been able to delve deeper into the things that I love and really get lost in them. Blogging is my biggest creative outlet and without it I'd be stifled. Think of your blog as your personal design/style/food/fashion/family portfolio... a timeline of what makes you you!

I'll be sharing more Blog 101 posts in the future! Need advice on blogging with intention or making your site successful? Don't hesitate to reach out via email and I'll get to your question ASAP.