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Be Right Back...

technical-difficultiesOn Tuesday morning (after a lovely long weekend) I sat down with a cup of coffee, refreshed and excited to dig into some work... which is when the unthinkable happened. "Achoo!" Coffee: 1 - Chelsea's laptop: 0 I'm in the process of getting everything fixed (can you say ka-ching?), but in the meantime I'll be taking some time away from the blog to get a little inspiration and fresh air. Although it's driving me crazy not to check out all of the fabulousness that I'm sure you're putting out there, it'll be nice work on a few things away from the fluorescent glow of the screen for a change. I might be able to pick up my computer as early as next week so expect a couple of fun projects once I return (diamonds, style posts, and the most fun Instagram recap ever)!

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