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Summer Resolutions

Summer is finally here and I'm on a mission not to let this one go to waste. While I'm sure there will be plenty of lazy days by the pool, there's a couple things I'm dying to dig into while the days are long and warm. With fall right around the corner (where did this year even go?!) I'm determined to accomplish a few small things before it's time to hibernate again!

plant a garden We may not have a yard to tend to (apartment living is NOT my jam), but I always envisioned watching plants grow with Lorelai. I would love to teach her patience and care with a few sprigs of lavender, some basil and a little mint. We picked up the sweetest little greenhouse last year and it's lookin' a little sad without any inhabitants.

see the sights Since moving to Huntsville, we've focused on settling into little space but we have yet to stray too far from home. This Summer I've got big plans to hit up the weekly farmer's market, partake in live music on the docks and explore town with new friends.

early to rise The other day I sat down with a friend and commiserated about not being a morning person. It usually takes at least two cups of coffee for me to become a functioning human and I rarely get around to showering before noon. This Summer, with so much to do, I need to carpe the hell out of the diem! This Summer I'm waking up, getting ready and getting things done before the day slips away.

daily yoga This habit is something I need to pick up again... ASAP! Since I don't love getting sweaty with strangers, I'm determined to start with sun salutations and tapes at home. Do you have any recommendations?!

create This one goes without saying. I'm determined to (finally) get to work creating prints for the shop (more on that soon) and artwork for our home. Mr. Jackson and I even talked about the possibility of renting studio space soon (eeek!). Firstly, I need to stock up on supplies, gather inspiration and then get to it.

What are your Summer Resolutions?

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Letting Go

sugar-paper-for-target-plannerWhile playing host to family is undeniably fun I really needed this weekend to regroup after my sweet parents and little sister hit the road. With January almost over and the push to actually start digging into these resolutions (rather than keep talking about them) looming over my head, a lazy morning in bed was just what I needed to figure a few things out...


jcrew-vintage-monogrammed-pajamas-sugar-paper-for-target-planner Last year was a wonderful (read: eventful) one for me. Mr. Jackson was offered a permanent position after graduating college and our little family packed up and moved to a new home state. If I had to, I'd classify 2013 as the year of "upheaval". I'm still working hard to make Alabama feel like home, despite our lack of friends and family in the area, and set up a routine that we're all comfortable in but I feel like I'm ready to focus inward and settle all of the sifting that went on last year.

emily-ley-simplified-planner-j.crew-style-guide-january Here's where 2014 comes in... I'm declaring this the year of letting go! I want to let go of anxiety (something I struggle with daily), let go of the fear that's holding me back from wonderful things and let go of all of the stress and up-in-the-air feelings of late. I have big plans to regroup (in my pjs with my favorite planners) as often as possible and focus on letting it all fall away so that I can get to all of the fabulous plans I have for the year.

j.crew-vintage-pajama-set There are a few fun things brewing here at Chelsea & The City (I haven't decided whether to blog through the process or surprise you with the finished result... so hang in there) and I couldn't be more pumped to conquer it all. While jotting work things down is a necessity, I want to make it a point to pencil in more time for family and God this year and of course a little time to let it go.

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Just Bewteen Us...

c5c4d6dc773311e3a24212df786a068e_8 While the beginning of a new year is always an exciting time (fresh starts and endless lists of inspiring resolutions abound) it can all be a little overwhelming. It's so easy to get wrapped up in trying to be better. The past week or so has been go, go, go up here in my head and I'm starting to get a little winded. There are so many pressures that we put on ourselves for the new year. Pressure to be smarter, more fit, tidier, more organized, a better wife/girlfriend/mommy/sister/friend/blogger... and it's a lot!

We put so many things on our own plates and sometimes it helps just to break it all down a bit, doesn't it?

Last week I asked you guys to answer a few questions and I was a little surprised by the answers (but I heard ya'll!). It sounds silly but it never actually occurred to me that you might want to hear about my life on my blog. We all like pretty clothes. I know several of you enjoy J.Crew just about as much as I do and shiny things make your little hearts pitter patter just a tad. It just never occurred to me that you might also be interested in hearing about what it's like to be starting your own family and navigating your twenties. This year I'm going to make an effort to open up and share a little more of what it's really like around here!

Growing pains... let's talk about 'em for a second. I love this little blog of mine. I love it to pieces! It has become such a happy space and I am so motivated to grow it and see it become more successful (even if that's not what you're supposed to say). I want nothing more than to pour all of my time and energy into making everything bigger and better and easier to navigate but that's just not practical. I'm so proud that (with a few exceptions) I posted every.single.weekday of 2013 but it was a lot of work and a few other areas of my life suffered. I want to feel empowered to miss a day or two here and there without explanation (forgive me, won't you?). I want to go out to dinner with Mr. Jackson or take an extra long bubble bath with Lo instead of working on my blog post for the next day and I'm going to do that from time to time. On the flip side, I have something BIG in the works that I know will take a lot of work... you win some, you lose some.

In other news, my mom and sister are visiting Alabama for the next week as they make their way to a new home in Washington D.C. (my dad is driving from their old house in California). I think a little bit of sister-time is just what I need to get over this little hump!