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Pajama Dressing in Georgetown

zara-trench-boyfriend-denim-j.crew-pajama-shirt gergetwn-zara-trench-boyfriend-jeans






trench, denim & sandals: zara | pajama top: j.crew | rings: h&m (similar)

There are few things I love more than pieces that do double duty! This classic pajama top is kind of perfect for day (shhhh! don't tell) paired with boyfriend jeans and dressed up with strappy heels. Anyway, who doesn't want to wear their pjs out of the house every now and again?

p.s. Aren't Georgetown's rowhouses gorgeous?! I'm plotting our next move (in my dreams)...

Letting Go

sugar-paper-for-target-plannerWhile playing host to family is undeniably fun I really needed this weekend to regroup after my sweet parents and little sister hit the road. With January almost over and the push to actually start digging into these resolutions (rather than keep talking about them) looming over my head, a lazy morning in bed was just what I needed to figure a few things out...


jcrew-vintage-monogrammed-pajamas-sugar-paper-for-target-planner Last year was a wonderful (read: eventful) one for me. Mr. Jackson was offered a permanent position after graduating college and our little family packed up and moved to a new home state. If I had to, I'd classify 2013 as the year of "upheaval". I'm still working hard to make Alabama feel like home, despite our lack of friends and family in the area, and set up a routine that we're all comfortable in but I feel like I'm ready to focus inward and settle all of the sifting that went on last year.

emily-ley-simplified-planner-j.crew-style-guide-january Here's where 2014 comes in... I'm declaring this the year of letting go! I want to let go of anxiety (something I struggle with daily), let go of the fear that's holding me back from wonderful things and let go of all of the stress and up-in-the-air feelings of late. I have big plans to regroup (in my pjs with my favorite planners) as often as possible and focus on letting it all fall away so that I can get to all of the fabulous plans I have for the year.

j.crew-vintage-pajama-set There are a few fun things brewing here at Chelsea & The City (I haven't decided whether to blog through the process or surprise you with the finished result... so hang in there) and I couldn't be more pumped to conquer it all. While jotting work things down is a necessity, I want to make it a point to pencil in more time for family and God this year and of course a little time to let it go.

simplified-planner-emily-ley-j.crew-style-guide sources: navy pajamas, monogrammed pajamas, sugar paper for target planner, simplified planner, phone case, ring dish, lamp, monogram mug

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Four Favorites: Christmas Day


french velvet ribbon // vintage pajama set //  gift tag // gingerbread person

Merry Christmas lovelies! I want to take a moment today to thank each and every one of you for the amount of time (no matter how frequently) that you spend visiting my happy little corner of the internet. It means so much to me to share my favorite of life's little luxuries. Today I'll be curled up (in a pair of monogrammed PJs) next to a big pile of shredded wrapping paper and untied bows... it's gonna be a blast!

Wishing you the merriest Christmas... I hope Santa delivered everything you asked for.

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