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"Through the Lens" with Minted

Adding art to our space has been the biggest challenge of settling in. It's always a battle between finding pieces that fit in with our minimalist surroundings, that pull on our heart strings in all the right ways and simultaneously don't break the bank. Enter: Minted. I've been obsessed with Minted's fun designs for a while (Christmas cards anyone?!) so you can imagine how overjoyed I was to discover them hosting a photography-only challenge within their independent artist marketplace.

Ever the fan of California dreams and eye-catching cacti, I immediately fell in love with this submission by Wilder California. I think it adds the perfect bit of pop to our hazy 70s inspired record cart and it has been such a welcomed framed friend. In the market for your own art? Minted's Through The Lens winners boast a ton of beautiful photos for every taste!

Bathroom Inspiration

Lately I've been feeling the need to rethink our bathroom. For some reason, it's the space that I always pay the least amount of attention to and it always gets the short end of the decorating stick. With no natural light to speak of, it's going to be a struggle to work in a little greenery but I'm up for the challenge. Here's to our pre-fab powder room transitioning to a restful oasis!

inspiration via Pinterest

The Spring Clean

[show_ms_widget id="58068" image_id="90552" width="700" height="1780"] When it comes to Spring cleaning I'm a little bit of a slacker. I always go into the endeavor with good intentions (dust the ceiling fan blades, tidy the laundry room, reorganize my closet...) and always fall short which leaves me both down on myself and in need of some serious sangria. The trick, I've learned over the course of a few failed attempts at domestic perfection, is to break it up into manageable tasks. This year I created a comprehensive checklist and am spreading it out over the course of about a week (i.e. the kitchen on Monday, the office on Tuesday...). Hopefully this way there will be a) a few less tears b) an actual clean house when all is said and done and c) still a little sangria when it's all over because I mean...

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spring-clean-checklist-1 spring-clean-checklist-2