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Ember Sessions | Huntsville, AL

Ember Sessions have brought such peace and purpose into my life! More and more it has become blindingly apparent that helping women celebrate their unique beauty is what I feel called to do. We had our very first marathon of shoots in Huntsville, AL and it was a beautiful April day filled to the brim with mimosas (which we drank the majority of... oops!), fresh foraged flower crowns, and the most beautiful women with even more beautiful stories (including my sweet sister!).

EDIT (47 of 91).jpg

What I love most about these sessions is the feeling of complete understanding and appreciation for each person that I always walk away with. Although they are a happy outcome of such a beautiful day, the photos taken and scenes created pale in comparison to the wisdom and insight we each impart on one another. How lucky am I to be surrounded by such amazingly graceful women and to spend my days reminding them that they are SEEN and CHERISHED?!

Thank you Huntsville for making our first marathon so magical! We are headed to Nashville, TN on May 24th & 25th and would LOVE to see you, hear your beautiful story and create something amazing together. Spots are sure to fill up quickly so please head over here to reserve yours and learn a bit more about what we're doing.

p.s. Because Meghan and I want so badly to bring Ember Sessions to as many beautiful and exceptional souls as possible, we have lowered the cost of each shoot to $195. This fee will cover our travel to your amazing city and allow us to keep this movement going. We can't wait to meet you, hug you and tell you how amazingly loved you are!