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Anthropologie Spring Fashion Event

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A few weeks ago I was fortunate enough to attend one of Anthropologie's fabulous #anthroevents at my local store in Huntsville, AL! To say I love Anthropologie would be a total understatement. I often find myself stopping in to browse the racks, take in the amazing decor and have a chat with the wonderful staff. Breakfast at Tiffanys? Try brunch at Anthropologie!

When Anthro reached out to me with an invitation I accepted immediately and did a little happy dance in our living room. A flurry of champagne and pretty new arrivals, the evening didn't disappoint.

Let's get into a few beautiful images by Sleepy Fox Photography (with a few shots by me sprinkled in) after the jump...

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Aissa from aislerchic doing her thing as emcee for the night


As always, every inch of the store was decorated so well. I could live there! Lorelai always has the best time stopping in to say "Hi, Mr. Elephant".

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such a fun skirt!





I had such a lovely night! There's really something to seeing the clothes in action that makes me want them that peplum so much more. Getting to network a little was priceless and I loved the chance to wander the store after closing time with some yummy treats and a few girls who share my passion for Anthro! Of course, I took home a few goodies but first... let me take a selfie.

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those metallic shorts HAD to come live in my closet!

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photos by Sleepy Fox Photography and Chelsea Tubbs

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