Summer Resolutions


Summer is finally here and I'm on a mission not to let this one go to waste. While I'm sure there will be plenty of lazy days by the pool, there's a couple things I'm dying to dig into while the days are long and warm. With fall right around the corner (where did this year even go?!) I'm determined to accomplish a few small things before it's time to hibernate again!

plant a garden We may not have a yard to tend to (apartment living is NOT my jam), but I always envisioned watching plants grow with Lorelai. I would love to teach her patience and care with a few sprigs of lavender, some basil and a little mint. We picked up the sweetest little greenhouse last year and it's lookin' a little sad without any inhabitants.

see the sights Since moving to Huntsville, we've focused on settling into little space but we have yet to stray too far from home. This Summer I've got big plans to hit up the weekly farmer's market, partake in live music on the docks and explore town with new friends.

early to rise The other day I sat down with a friend and commiserated about not being a morning person. It usually takes at least two cups of coffee for me to become a functioning human and I rarely get around to showering before noon. This Summer, with so much to do, I need to carpe the hell out of the diem! This Summer I'm waking up, getting ready and getting things done before the day slips away.

daily yoga This habit is something I need to pick up again... ASAP! Since I don't love getting sweaty with strangers, I'm determined to start with sun salutations and tapes at home. Do you have any recommendations?!

create This one goes without saying. I'm determined to (finally) get to work creating prints for the shop (more on that soon) and artwork for our home. Mr. Jackson and I even talked about the possibility of renting studio space soon (eeek!). Firstly, I need to stock up on supplies, gather inspiration and then get to it.

What are your Summer Resolutions?

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