Strawberry Fields Forever

Since our move has been pretty up in the air for the past couple of months we had to pull Lorelai out of school a little early this year. Don't worry, the school district signed off on her "early Kindergarten graduation" but that means she's been out of school a whole month earlier than all of the other kids in her class. Since we've had the extra time together, I've tried to become a bit more diligent with getting out together and experiencing what The South has to offer (before we're ex-pats!) so that she's not wasting the days away glued to her iPad or playing in our (fun but lacking) backyard.

A couple of weeks ago this meant we set out and went strawberry picking in the hot Alabama sun. It was so much fun! The farm we chose was open for one last day of berry picking and we were the only ones there. Lo and I spent about an hour hunched over tiny bunches of sweet strawberries and made out with a whole bushel that lasted us quite a while.

I've been trying to get better at memory making / keeping lately. This means seeking out experiences that Lo and I will remember and also documenting the time with snapshots and little video clips. I suddenly feel called to keep records for our little family and love having videos like this one to look back on:

p.s. Since a lot of you have asked, I film these clips with the 8mm app on my iPhone. It's so easy and accessible when I don't feel like lugging around my big camera. The app gives everything a sun drenched vintage look that I'm really into at the moment.