Slow Blogging

photos by Sleepy Fox Photography

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This space, Hazel + Scout, has become such a respite for me. I have loved every single moment of sharing with you and growing myself as an artist for the last several years. I have such wonderful plans for growing this little brand of mine and continuing to share the things that inspire me and the work that I am doing. That being said, I've reached a point where blogging every day just isn't as fulfilling as it once was...

I was struck by the idea of "slow blogging" after seeing a favorite site transition to the slower paced, more intentional way of documenting things. Often I am up late at night, after a busy day of parenting, shooting and keeping up with a home, racking my brain to find something to blog about. It can be exhausting and you're often left with posts that don't have a ton of substance. Nobody is benefiting from that cycle.

With no obligation to post every day (something I've been trying to do for at least the past two years), I plan to check in here and share posts whenever I feel inclined. I doubt things will change much (you can expect to see at least two-three posts per week) but I am resolving to relieve myself of the pressure to be the perfect blogger and am already feeling lighter. If you see five posts during a week know that I am feeling incredibly inspired and can't wait to share with you. If you see less, it is because I'm squirreling away inspiration and energy, don't have as much to say that week or am working on big projects behind the scenes.

As always, I am so very thankful that you've chosen to follow along! I look forward to connecting with you as I move into this new chapter and hopefully I can continue to bring you better and more inspiring content.

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