September Mood + Soundtrack


September already?! The months are passing just as quickly as they always do during the second half of the year (aka whizzing by) and I'm feeling a little blue about it. I'm not the biggest fan of Summer and I'm usually quite eager to welcome Fall but something's different this year. Since we now live in a place that stays warm and tropical year round (think no crisp leaves or cool air to greet you on the first of September), I've starting feeling a little listless and stuck. Lately everything seems stagnant and I'm figuring out ways to escape the feeling that everyone back at home is passing us by. I'm working hard on embracing endless summer and while I do I'm listening to these tunes.

Fret not, there are some really exciting things coming up soon and I can't wait to tell you more in the following weeks! Stay tuned for my September goals and a few updates as well.

Listen to the September Soundtrack here.

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