September Goals

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Well hey there! These little updates seem like they're few and far between these days, don't they? Did I set goals for August? I'm not even sure. To say it's been a whirlwind lately would be putting it mildly but that's what it feels like around here... a big swirl of activities and downtime and adjustment and ideas.  I thought a little check-in post with a few life updates and my goals for September would be a good way to catch up so here goes nothing:

Island life is magical but it leaves a lot to be desired and to be completely honest, I've been in pretty rough shape lately. There's something about having the option to get out of town or having a whole city of distractions ripped away that really does a number on a girl and her psyche. Ainsworth was off-island for more than a week and is headed back in a couple of days to spend some overnights working on a project. Spending so much time alone with my thoughts has made me focus in on the not-so-pleasant parts of the tropical life like the fact that we failed to receive veggies last week and pretty much developed scurvy coupled with things like being homesick for my family andmissing out the convenience of stateside living. Don't get me wrong, it's awesome here too but the negatives have taken up residence in the forefront of my mind for the time being. I'm sure that'll wax and wane the longer we live the expat life.

Exciting things are on the horizon too! Did I tell you I'm going back to school? It's taken me way longer than I would have liked (eight years and whole six year old girl longer) but I'm finally signing up for some courses and will be pursuing a Liberal Arts degree online. I'm really looking forward to having somewhere else to pour all of my energy into (especially since there's not a ton to do here) but the thought of being a student in my late twenties is also kind of terrifying. I'm off to find the cutest planner and hopefully conquer the whole scenario... wish me luck!

Aside from school, I've picked up the work load at Ritual Bride and it's starting to take shape into something that I really love. Wedding and bridal content never seemed like the right fit for this space and I'm ecstatic to have somewhere for all of the pretties to live. If you're getting married sometime soon (or just love the world of weddings like I do), head over to that site or follow along with @ritualbride and stay a while.

p.s. I'm also gearing up to become a contributor at one of my favorite sites... stay tuned!

As far as goals for the new month / season go, I'm trying to keep them very approachable and totally achievable. The short list looks like this:

- As our two year wedding anniversary approaches, channel more time and energy into making our marriage the most loving it can be and weather this big transition together gracefully.
- Adequately prepare for a new adventure and head back to school.
- Work on adjusting to island life a bit more and get comfortable in the new normal. This means "saying yes" to more Friday morning coffees and trips to the beach. How good is that The Everygirl image up top?
- & Put more effort into creating content.

What is your month shaping up to be? Have you made a list of goals?


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