Scene It: Under the Tuscan Sun

I've really been on a roll with self-discovery/trip to Italy films lately (see my Eat, Pray Love style guide here) and I'm not complaining! There's something so beautifully Summery about the green country side, fresh-picked olives and a stroll down the piazza. Under The Tuscan Sun (another movie that started as a fabulous book) is about a woman's spur of the moment decision to purchase a gorgeous villa in Tuscany. Maybe it's our upcoming move, but there's change (and the scent of Summery olives) in the air!

  1. a box of booksfor your new place
  2. Zara V-Neck Shirt
  3. Antique Keys
  4. One Kings Lane Sunflower
  5. Rag & Bone Boyfriend Jean
  6. Vintage Brass Water Faucet
  7. Green Olives
  8. Bushel Basket
  9. Tenuta Torre Terza
  10. J Crew Summer Straw Hat
  11. Olive Topiary
  12. Hive Colander 
  13. A Wear Frankie Wrap Dress
  14. Phaidon Tuscany Cookbook
  15. Villa Massa Limoncello