Scene It: Practical Magic vol. 2


Happy Halloween!

When I scrolled past this post on the Glitter Guide's Instagram feed earlier in the week I knew that a movie night was just thing I needed to get into the Halloween spirit. Without fail, my favorite spooky movie (or anytime movie really) always transports me to a nostalgic place of sisterhood, nineties spaghetti strap camis and the very best Stevie Nicks songs. 1998's Practical Magic is filled with all the best elements of a cheesy 90s rom-com (namely Sandra Bullock's signature laugh and Nicole Kidman's insanely enviable ginger tresses) and I could probably watch it on an endless loop without tiring of a single moment. 

If you've been following along for a while (first of all, bless you for waiting out my awkward blogger phase) you'll know that I used to have a series called "Scene It" where I played around with products inspired by popular films... I even put together a post centered around this very movie a few years ago (be kind!). These posts were some of my favorites to work on and I thought I'd revisit the series just in time for Halloween and re-imagine the ladies of Practical Magic for 2017. No doubt they'd be flying around in Doen dresses, cooking up Aesop products and when all else fails, drinking midnight margaritas.


p.s. What do you think about 'Scene It'? Is this a series worth revisiting or should I skip it?!

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