Scene It: Julie & Julia

Julie & Julia is such a visually stunning film! While I just can't stand Julie's (Amy Adams) story-line, this movie more than makes up for it with Meryl Streep's quirky portrayal of Julia Child, drool-worthy copper pots adorning every set and a plethora of yummy dishes. Add a little Parisian inspiration and a few gorgeous pieces of cookwear, and this movie makes my list of favorites to "live in"... bon apetit!

  1. How-to prep a lobster via Bon Apetit
  2. Williams-Sonoma Copper-Core Stock Pot
  3. Apple Macbook Air
  4. Heart
  5. Mastering The Art of French Cooking by Julia Child
  6. J Crew Perfect Shirt in Classic Stripe
  7. J Crew Opera Length Pearl Necklace
  8. Homemade Butter
  9. Williams-Sonoma Enclume Pot Rack
  10. J Crew Pencil Skirt
  11. Williams-Sonoma Mauviel Copper Cookwear Set
  12. The benefits of Spinach via Womens Health
  13. Williams-Sonoma House Olive Oil
  14. La Cornue CornuFe Stove
  15. Asian Garden Dinner Plate
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