Saturday Style: Playground Chic

Most Saturdays you can find us at the park... We love to pack a picnic lunch, venture to the nearest swing-set and soak up those weekend rays! The park is one of my favorite places to spend quality momma time with Lo. She has so much fun getting all of her extra energy out (trust me, this little girl is 50% joy and 50% energy) and, if we're lucky and there's a gate/fence, I get to enjoy a little downtime in the sunshine!

I like to dress Lorelai in mini versions of my favorite pieces (OMG, a tiny chambray?! I'm dying!) and I often find myself in grown-up versions of little girl staples (overalls and rompers anyone?). It's like a fun, fashion Freaky Friday... err, Freaky Saturday!

Last week I picked up Jessica Alba's The Honest Life and read it cover to cover the moment I got home. There are so many great tips and inspiring images (girl's got major mommy style: examples here, here & here). I definitely recommend checking it out!

  1. Monki Filippa Top
  2. Ray-Ban Original Aviators
  3. Topshop Denim Dungarees
  4. A balanced breakfast and a ton of coffee for extra energy...
  5. Converse All Stars
  6. The Honest Life by Jessica Alba
  7. iWoody iPhone
  8. Seed Heritage Girl's Cap
  9. A sweet treat...
  10. Crewcuts Wendy Shirt
  11. Splendid French Stripe Dress
  12. Zara Sandals with Chain Detail
  13. Bugaboo Bee