Puddle Jumper

eyelet peplum: forever 21 | necklace: southern charm apparel | boyfriend shorts: old navy | boots: hunter | bracelets: j crew, jewel girl c/o

On Saturday morning I checked the weather forecast for this week and saw seven consecutive days of rain! As you guys know, I've been mulling over a pair of Hunters for a really really, really, really long time and decided that enough is enough. I frantically searched the web for a pair in my town and only one place sells them... After six u-turns, I found the little shop and the rest is shoe-porn history!

I went with the 'dark olive' pair because 1) the girl who sold them to me said that whenever she wears hers in this color she feels like Kate Middleton (and who doesn't want to feel like Kate Middleton?!) and 2) I've wanted a pair since this scene (from my favorite movie) came out in 1998. I'm not exaggerating when I say that I'm looking forward to rainy days from now on!

How cute is my newest piece of arm candy?! I've been meaning to add a little color to the usual line-up for a while and the Jewel Girl team reached out to me just in time. The Jewel Girl site is super fun to browse (witty product names and funny descriptions make it feel like you're shopping with a girlfriend) and I love the pretty blue accent on this bracelet!

I'm soaking it in while Lo still wants to be just like mommy...

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