Pinspiration + Pre-Weekly Links

I'm trying something new this week and delivering a little online roundup at the beginning of the week instead of on Friday. Usually I collect my favorite finds throughout the week and give you a little dose of inspiration for the weekend but it seems like we could all use a pick-me-up on Monday. With our big move coming up and some residual grieving (it's definitely a process!), I've been neglecting this space in a big way. I have collaborations piling up and a general sense of computer aversion these days but sharing slowly and without much of a schedule seems to be what's working for me now. Hopefully, once we're on a deserted island with limited distractions, I'll find the blogging bug again.

What have I been up to lately, you ask (you didn't ask? it's okay.)? We're finally home from the West Coast and it's been so nice to have a couple of lay-low days. This week I'll be doing a ton of clearing out and packing up in preparation for a garage sale this weekend. My sister, who has lived with us for the last two years, is bidding us farewell on Sunday and taking off for Toronto by way of Washington D.C. I finished Girlboss on Netflix (LOVED IT!) and have started The Handmaiden's Tale. I'm equal parts riveted and terrified with a splash of TV PTSD. Are you watching? What do you think?

Before I ramble too much, here are a few links I'm loving lately. Happy Monday!

self care:
deep cleaning your attitude via Wit + Delight
a lingerie campaign that embraces the beauty of aging
a thought provoking article about our relationship with social media

in anticipation of Mother's Day:
a new series on motherhood on Jenni Kayne's Rip & Tan blog
Paloma and Bowie via Doen
always inspired by Millk's Amelia Fullarton (and her pregnancy style)

around the home:
at home with my favorite, Alicia Lund
Kelly Wearstler on what inspires her most